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Dr Grzesiak has been performing fat transplant to breasts for over 10 years according to techniques of dr Coleman from New York Clinic and dr Khouri from Miami Brest Center.

Dr Grzesiak transfers autogenous fat tissue (own fat) from different parts (where cumulates in excess)- this treatment is called lipomodeling.

Surgery is performed in following cases:

  • For women after breast removal – mastectomy
  • For women after radio and chemotherapy
  • These women qualify to the treatment because fat stem cells nourish the skin and allow it to regenerate
  • For women after part of breast removal 
  • These women can also improve their appearance because the cavities in the breasts can be refilled with own fat
  • For women who want to enlarge breasts from sizes A to B, C to D

Description of the treatment: 

The injection of fat is followed by thin cannulas that do not cause any scarring. It is an not-invasive technique and it is very effective. Fat is injected 2 times at intervals of 3 months.

Anesthesia: Treatment in general anesthesia

Duration of surgery: about 1.5 hour

Convalescence: 7-10 days

Possible complications: bruising in the area of fat intake and slight edema and loss of fat up to 30%.

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