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Face and neck lifts correct visible signs of skin aging as deep folds on the check and loose skin on the front and side of the neck. After this treatment the skin on the face and neck will be smooth and firm.

During the treatment the muscles and loose skin are lifted and afterwards the surgeon removes the excess of the skin. Scars can be hidden in the hair and in natural folds of the skin or behind the ears.

Anesthesia: Treatment under general anesthesia.

Duration: 3-4 hours.

Convalescence: Small bandages are placed on and behind the ear. During convalescence physical activity should be limited. First results of the treatment  are visible after about 7 days – then the patient can return to work. Total healing takes 3 weeks.

Every surgery may involve:
  • consequences that are the result of illness or treatment (may occur at every stage of diagnosis and treatment)
  • complications that are not a result of on any mistake, but they are undesirable events (occur at different frequencies)
  1. Postoperative hematoma
  2. Seroma (transparent liquid under the skin)
  3. Disorders of healing of postoperative wounds
  4. Hidden scars  (tine and wide) or hypertrophic scars
  5. Skin irregularities around neck
  6. Asymmetry of the position of the ear flaps
  7. Need of small surgical correction of postoperative scars
  8. Cheek skin necrosis
  9. Discoloration or discoloration of skin (cigarette smokers)
  10. Damage or salivary gland fistula
  11. Feeling of tingling, tingling in the cheeks and neck for 6 to 12 months
  12. Sore throat
  13. Transient hearing impairment
  14. Damage of facial nerve
  15. Alopecia areata or lost of single hair follicles on scar line 
  16. Disorders after general anesthesia: Malignant hyperthermia, myocardial infarction, toxic shock.
  17. Postoperative bleeding
  18. Tissue edema on and under the skin from 3 to 24 months
  19. Hidden scars (self-expanding) or hypertrophic (thick, keloid)
  20. Under skin scars (accumulated hematoma after hematoma or overgrown collagen fibers)
  21. Difficulty in healing postoperative wounds
  22. Allergy to skin anesthetics
  23. Allergy to general anesthetic and medical gases
  24. Thromboembolic complications within different blood vessels
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