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Description of the treatment: allows to remove the drooping skin under the eyes, folds of skin falling on the upper lashes. After the surgery the eyes look refreshed. This is the first major facial rejuvenation operation.

Purpose of the treatment: The cuts usually run in the natural refraction of the skin on both lower and upper eyelids. On the upper lid the cut is carried out in the eyelid fold, then unnecessary fat tissue and excess skin is removed. On the lower lid the cut is placed under the lashes. Very thin seams are used for stapling.

Anesthesia: local or general anesthesia.

Duration of surgery: 30-60 minutes.

Convalescence: 7-10 days after treatment, the seams of the upper and lower eyelids are removed. It is recommended to sleep with a your head raised. Do not wear contact lenses during convalescence.

Possible complications: Swelling may appear during the first 4 days after the surgery. Other complications include hypersensitivity to light, tearing, dry eye and accompanying discomfort.


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