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Description of the treatment:  Breast lifting allows to lift a breast that falls gravitationally with age or after pregnancy. The treatment consists of raising the nipples, reducing them and removing excess of the skin, leaving a vertical scar from the nipple to the breast fold.

Purpose of the treatment: Improvement of the shape of the breast and its position with the symmetry of both breasts. The treatment can be combined with implantation of a breast implant or transplant of own body fat in order to get bigger breasts and better skin tension.

Anesthesia: Treatment in general anesthesia.

Duration of surgery: about 1 to 3 hours.

Convalescence: 14 to 18 days, small adhesive bandages on cutting lines. Shower can be taken and use a bra. Avoid exercise for 30 days.

Possible complications: Hematoma, difficulty in healing postoperative scars, allergy to stitches, breast asymmetry.


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