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Dr Grzesiak is a outstanding specialist in lipofilling – transfer of own fat. For this treatment, she is well-known among plastic surgeons. Many years of experience and a vast amount of fat transfer treatments, guarantee safety and perfect effects. Lipofilling is a autologous fat transfer. It is based on the usage of self fat.

Patient’s fat is used for smoothing furrows, correcting wrinkles, enlarging lips and filling losses caused by injuries, diseases and birth defects. Lipofilling can be combined with the plastic surgery of upper and lower eyelids and facial lifting. This treatment is used for eyeshadows and thin face after a big weight loss.

Description of the treatment: Adipose tissue is most often collected form abdominal folds or medial surface of thighs and knees. Afterwards, it is subjected to fractionation and after a proper preparation, it is transplanted in any amount. Fat stays in the tissues for the rest of the life.

 Anesthesia: Local and general anesthesia

Duration: 30-60 minutes

Convalescence: takes about 10 days. During the first week after the surgery, using sauna, swimming in pools and attending to the gym, isn’t recommended. At places where fat was removed, the patient should have series of lymphatic massages. They will eliminate edema and shorten the time of bruising. They can be performed by a massage therapist at Dr Grzesiak’s Clinic.

Possible complications: the risk of complications is low, rejections and allergies are excluded. The treatment does not leave scars.


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