About the treatment

We remove small parts of cartilage and bone, but we also sew in grafts to give the nose a good structure and symmetrical walls. The nose is in the center of the face, which is a very important part of beauty. If the nose is too wide, Dr. Grzesiak moves the wings at the base. If a septal correction is performed during nasal reconstruction surgery, a silicone plate will be placed there for 7 days. Nasal septum surgery is very often performed by 2 doctors at the same time. The laryngologist corrects the nasal septum and the plastic surgeon operates the external nose. Complex surgery of the nose, called reconstruction, provides a beautiful appearance of the nose and unobstructed nose, thus improving breathing.

This surgery is safe because the nose is cut only once, which guarantees proper scarring. Nose surgery should be performed only once in a lifetime. The nose has a breathing function and should not be operated on several times, because both the back and the septum can collapse. Dr. Grzesiak always performs simulations of the nose on patient photos at the appointment so that you can view your image on the computer and make the correct decision. This simulation facilitates understanding between the surgeon and the patient so that they can decide together on the extent of the surgery. You will have setons in your nose for 2 days after surgery. Healing takes 7-10 days. At that time, the stitches and cast are removed. You should not play sports for a month or do much exercise during the recovery period. You should wait 3 months for the final result because your nose may be slightly swollen after the surgery.

Additional information

How long after the treatment can I see the result?

7-10 days.

How long does the result hold up?

The rest of your life.

Is the treatment painful?

Nose septum correction is painful.

Is the treatment safe?

Yes in the hands of an experienced surgeon.


14 000 – 18 000 PLN

Treatments effects

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