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Nose surgery (nose correction) aims to improve the shape of the nose, removal of the hump and shortening or reducing the tip of the nose. Changing the angle between the nose and the upper lip is also possible. 

Our Clinic is the only one in Poland, that uses the american Mirror Software by Canfield Imaging Systems, that simulates the effect of the planned correction of the nose on the base of the patient’s photo. After the surgery your nose will be in harmony with your facial features. 

Incisions are usually made within and sometimes outside the nose, which allows direct access to the bone and cartilage. Therefore, the surgeon can remove the hump, move the bone and model the nose cartilages and the scars are invisible. Setons, small bandaids, are placed in the nasal ducts to stabilize the nasal septum. The outer part of the nose is secured with a plastic plasterboard to protect the nose. For more complicated surgeries, for example nasal reconstructions and cartilage transplantations, an “open” method is used. 

Treatment under general anesthesia.

Duration: 1-2 hours 

Convalescence: 7-10 days – during this period the patient should limit physical activity, eating hot, spicy and hard dishes.

Complications include: tearing of the eyes, bruises under the eyes, swelling of the nose, headaches and nose bleeds.


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