About the treatment

The skin of the breast is usually incised vertically, marking the area of tissue to be excised and the new position of the nipple. Breast tissue, fat and skin are then removed. The incision lines depend on the size, degree of breast droop and the patient’s anatomical conditions. The breasts may be swollen after the procedure.

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and lasts about 2-3 h. The recovery period is 14-18 days, during which time the patient has small patches stuck on the incision lines. Do not take a bath , you can take a shower. Exercise should be avoided for a period of 30 days. A bra should be worn for 30 days to support the breasts and protect the fresh scars.

Additional information

How long after the treatment can I see the result?

45 days.

How long does the result hold up?

5 to 10 years.

Is the treatment painful?

No but a woman may feel the discomfort of full breasts.

Is the treatment safe?

Yes, it works therapeutically after the age of 40.


12 000 – 18 000 PLN

Treatments effects

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